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A New Era In Turkey: Did They Just Vote For A New “Democratic Dictator”?

Alejandro A. Chafuén Many Western observers are making ominous predictions about the future of Turkey under the re-empowered leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan. This past Sunday, Erdogan won the presidential election. HisJustice and Development AK Party has been in power since 2002 and there are fears that he will become increasingly authoritarian. Turkey is increasingly becoming relevant on the world stage. ...

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Randal O’Toole – Refugees or Immigrants?

Early this week, the Antiplanner listened to a presentation in Greece about the Syrian refugee crisis. The presenter noted that almost all members of the European Union had signed theDublin agreement defining how countries should treat refugees. A major exception, however, was Turkey, which treated people fleeing Syria as potential immigrants rather than refugees. The speaker made it sound as ...

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Alex Nowrasteh – Economics of the Syrian Refugee Crisis

The Syrian Civil War has produced about 5.8 million Syrians seeking refuge or asylum elsewhere–a scale of population displacement unseen since World War II. Although the flow into Europe dominates the news, most of the registered Syrian refugees remain in the Middle East. Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan are the main recipients of the immigration wave, receiving roughly 1.1 million, 2.7 million, ...

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إلى أصدقائي اللاجئين

براءت أوز إيبك  – صحيفة يني يوزيل – ترجمة وتحرير ترك برس بداية جئتم أهلًا ووطئتم سهلًا سواء أتيتم من سوريا أو من أيّ بقاع أخرى، أيا كان مذهبكم ودينكم ولغتكم، أريد أن أؤكد على وقوفي بجانبكم بإمكاني أن أتخيل مدى الصعاب والمشاق التي كابدتموها من أجل الوصول إلى هنا، وكذلك رغبتكم في قصِّ ما عايشتموه من أهوال. ربما شهدتم ...

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